A bridge between couture and ready-to-wear

about us

COUTURíSSIMO is a groundbreakingonline fashion experience that will extend the reach of global, best-in-class designers by providing a bridge between couture and ready-to-wear. Why only aspire to own couture? Our mission is to give you unprecedented access to stunning collections made using couture techniques by iconic couture designers, representing the ‘democratization of couture’ in its essence.

Conceptualized by the Asian Couture Federation, COUTURíSSIMO is a multi-designer brand that focuses on collaborations with exceptional couture designers from across the world. Expect premier designer offerings at very accessible price points.

Design focused on storytelling

Marking the launch of COUTURíSSIMO are designer collections with four world-class couturiers, the first of many to come. Step into our spellbinding world of once unreachable fashion and finally make that dream of having couture gowns as part of your wardrobe come true.