Danish-Australian photographer, founder (and total babe) of Framboise Fashion shares her top tips for travel.

In conversation: Sarah Mikaela

You’ve probably seen London-based fashion photographer, writer and founder of FramboiseFashion.com all over various style sites and there’s a chance you’re already following her on social media.

Jet-setting from white sands to international hotspots has made Sarah Mikaela a professional packer, so we’ve invited her to reveal some of her sartorial secrets for feeling comfortable and looking good in transit. Read on to find out more!

Fifteen minutes with photographer Sarah Mikaela

How often do you travel for work? And for pleasure?
I travel around twice a month on average and the nature of my job means that travel and work are almost always interwoven.

Tell us about your usual on-flight attire. Dress or jeans?
I tend to wear athletic-wear when I travel, I’m quite the practical captain!


What do you pack first?
I try to pack contact lenses first because I have previously forgotten them, which meant I had a very blurry trip. And I always make sure I have a pair of jeans because they’re so versatile and easy to wear.


What’s your ideal destination and who would you ideally spend it with?
It would be Maritius or Sicily! And I think I would bring my mum at some point because we haven’t done a solo trip together before and she’s from Denmark so I don’t get to see her that often.

I always make sure to bring a white cotton shirt with me wherever I go and a pair of comfy jeans.

What’s your go-to dress?
It would be a really simple 70s style dress - kind of bohemian, quite flowy in white or cream. Or maybe a pale yellow.

What three items of clothing could you never travel without?
I always travel with a dress in case I’m attending an event, a white cotton shirt and a pair of comfy jeans.

Can you tell us your “mantra of the moment”?
Just to be happy! It’s so easy to put validation somewhere else in this industry so I think it’s important to be centred.

Crucial question: what’s your spirit vegetable? And why?
It’s got to be broccoli! The life and soul of the party. Just imagine if broccoli could dance - with all that funky hair too.

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