A familiar trial-and-error operation

The Art of Dressing

Oxford English Dictionary

The hurry and flurry of finding the perfect dress moments before a special occasion can be exceptionally daunting. Since forever. Other than the convoluted five-layer process (stockings then the corset etc), not much has actually changed since the nineteenth century (for example), in matters of “dressing” for an important occasion.

The stigma around an upcoming celebratory occasion in contemporary society is just as highly anticipated by the attendees, and no matter how organised you may be, finding the right dress will always stand as a trial-and-error and try again operation. One that can be dastardly cruel in times of unexpected crisis i.e. last-minute shopping: The worst - and the inevitable.  

Re-dress: let’s try on the Sebastian Gunawan Emily Super Maxi Gown for good measure.

Finding the right dress is a trial-and-error and try again operation

This is because “dressing” is a process - one that may or may not involve that horrendous last-minute panic, and one that will probably involve a great deal of re-dressing. Even the modern female with a refined and minimal wardrobe, on the way to a business extravaganza downtown, will pick apart and piece together several ensembles in the space of an hour.

In what way can she make the Sebastian Gunawan for COUTURiSSIMO Emily Super Maxi Gown even bolder than it already is? What are her styling essentials whilst decked in the Michael Cinco for COUTURiSSIMO Violet Printed Tube Dress? Only time will tell.

The Michael Cinco Violet Printed Tube Dress exudes an addictive bohemian flair.

words Zana Wilberforce
hair & makeup Shillito Sisters
styling Simon Schmidt
models Leticia Kaneko, Lais Botelho (PRM Models) 
production Cube Collective

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