Who is the COUTURiSSIMO woman? We speak to Michael Cinco to find out.

Meeting Michael Cinco

The designer renowned for his fresh designs synonymous with romantic femininity discusses couture and working with some of the world’s most celebrated women of today.

Filipino designer Michael Cinco is known for his extraordinary flair for detail and has designed dresses for just about everyone worth their salt, including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell (to name a few). His couture gowns exude sophistication and mystery, and are celebrated for their exquisite intricacy.

Michael studied Fine Arts in one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines, before training at Slim’s Fashion and Arts school to further pursue his passion for fashion design.

Realising that couture was his forté, he soon established his own couture house following his studies and has partnered with giants, such as Swarovski, to create some exceptional collections.

Michael has since pioneered the world of couture, introducing his signature print and captivating a long list of strong women along the way. He treated us to an exclusive interview detailing his print inspiration and personal vision of the COUTURiSSIMO woman.

Michael has since pioneered the world of couture, introducing his signature print and captivating a long list of strong women.

Wildcard: If you were a month in the year, what month would you be?
DECEMBER... It's the holiday season and that's the time women will fantasise with clothes from COUTURiSSIMO.

Who is the COUTURiSSIMO woman in the eyes of Michael Cinco?
My COUTURiSSIMO woman is feminine, romantic yet strong, and confident.

If you bumped into her anywhere in  the world, where would it be? (This can be as specific as a cafe in London, or Avenue Montaigne in Paris.) How does she differ from other women?
Walking at the Jardin Des Tuileries wearing the mullet flower print gazar dress, looking inquisitive and romantic. She may have hurdled challenges in life but has overcome them with grace. She is seasoned, yet timeless.

Can you name us some of the biggest names you’ve worked with over the years? Who would you like to see your design on next?
Carrie Underwood, Ellie Goulding, Kath Jenkins, Mollie King, Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, Marian Rivera, Maine Mendoza. I would like to see Emily Blunt, Emma Stone, Cate Blanchett, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift wearing COUTURiSSIMO in the near future.

Madeleine Aztec Print Dress by Michael Cinco

Your Michael Cinco for COUTURiSSIMO dresses have this wonderfully bold floral print. Where does the print come from? Is it based on a photo or a painting you’ve seen?
It’s inspired by a painting I once stumbled upon in a gallery in London.

If you had to design any object in this print, what would it be? A statue,a picture frame or a crystal vase?
A crystal vase.

You’ve dressed just about everyone from Beyonce to Mariah Carey. Word on the street is Mariah Carey summoned you to meet her because she loved your designs so much. Tell us about this experience, what’s it like working with some of the world’s most celebrated women today?
I love her character and she was so nice and kind to me when I first met her. She had this very sexy and sultry speaking voice and she loved the couture dresses I personally made for her. Once she asked asked me to design a dress for one of her concerts in Las Vegas. I was requested to design her wedding gown had the engagement not been cancelled at the time.

It’s been always my lifelong dream to see such talented women wearing my couture gowns on the red carpet, concerts, weddings and music videos. Dressing up superstars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Britney, Christina Aguilera and other great artists had been so rewarding. They epitomise my impalpable dreams.

Raphael Printed Georgette Dress by Michael Cinco
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