This week: Packing hacks and layering tips by Eva McMahon.

In conversation: Eva McMahon

We meet the fashion and lifestyle blogger Eva McMahon for some travel tips and tricks. Eva is currently in the process of writing her own book about London from the perspective of a blogger whilst also balancing the demands of family life. You can find her on Instagram over at @evglamazon.

Taking a trip out of town with Glamazon blogger Eva McMahon

How often do you travel for work? And for pleasure?
I travel now less for work and pleasure after I became a mum. However I would say 4-5 times a year for work and 4-5 times for pleasure.

Tell us about your usual on-flight attire. Dress or jeans?
I prefer jeans as it gives me more flexibility to move around and lift luggage. I feel more comfortable in jeans even in the seat on the plane. Nobody wants to flash too much skin.

What are your three top packing hacks for the colder months?
Pack neutral colours that go with everything.

Leather jackets and denim jackets are great for layering. You can wear them together, you can wear them underneath a winter coat and create lot of different looks whilst staying warm.

Be clever about accessories you pack. I love to pack few brooches as you can use them on a coat, blazer, hat, scarf and it updates your outfit every time.

Meet Glamazon blogger who talks style, travel and her mantra of the moment

What’s your ideal destination and who would you ideally spend it with?
At the moment I would love to visit LA with my son Liam and my husband. I have been wanting to go there for some time. I just feel it will give me everything I like - nice weather, shopping, beaches, buzz, fashion and good food. And I have a few friends that live there. So I couldn’t ask for more.

What’s your go-to dress?
Ideally black, classy with a touch of lace. Simply a combination of slip dress and lace.

Do you have a layering essential?
Black polo neck.

Can you tell us your “mantra of the moment”?
You are on the right path.

Crucial question: what’s your spirit vegetable?
Hmm that is a hard question but I have been obsessed with spinach recently and garlic in everything. 🙂

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