Invest in a go-to dress for the colder months

In Transition: Brave the Storm

Channelling the right ensemble for the moody outdoors is indeed an art form. Let’s face it, it’s tricky. The whole process of combining and pairing to match the right mood or setting is a lot to think about. It’s time to weather the storm or hibernate completely.

Mood dressing comes as a natural response to the environment; when the sun’s out we tend to opt for brighter colours to feel at ease with the heat and when the drizzle kicks in, the black turtlenecks take toll.

With her courage and bravery, Lady Shalott has become a muse for the current mood. After all, The sombre weather is a mere setback. The sunbeam showers may ‘break and quiver’ but the Lady of Shalott, attired in a beautiful flowing white dress, still flees her castle and races into the outdoors.


Beat the bleak with a side of sass and don’t be afraid to own it

Add a flourish to your wardrobe with a coat that can be styled the way you like it.

From thunderous storms to heavy rainfall, the outdoors is a place of discovery no matter the weather

Water is changeable and transformable; it twists and turns. Embrace the multi-layered possibilities of the Michael Cinco for COUTURiSSIMO Greta Black Fitted gown.

Her courage to step outside should be an inspiration for us all. From thunderous storms to heavy rainfall, the outdoors is a place of discovery no matter the weather, especially whilst decked in the adventurous Michael Cinco for COUTURiSSIMO Taylor Embroidered Skirt Dress, a floral concoction matched against sultry black lace. Chilly? Team the dress with an elegant jacket to ward off the evening breeze.

We agree, there’s an underlying melancholy with the blend of white skies and a greying political climate. Fear not: confidence comes from your decision to take even the gloomiest weather in your stride, so drape yourself in the Sebastian Gunawan for COUTURiSSIMO Icon Secret Window Gown in times of obscurity.


Finally, beat the bleak with a side of sass in the Michael Cinco for COUTURiSSIMO Annabel Flared Skirt Dress. And don’t be afraid to own it!


words Zana Wilberforce
styling Simon Schmidt
photography Shini Park
models Talia & Meg (Colours Agency) 
production Cube Collective

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